Tips to boost milk production during breastfeeding period

Mother’s milk is the most crucial feed for an infant and it cannot be replaced adequately by any other type of food including the infant formula. This is the main reason as to why expectant women should be very keen on the kind of food they eat so as to remain healthy during the pregnancy. However, low milk supply can make the breastfeeding period be a problem. Natural strategies as well as medical intervention are necessary in order to counter this problem and produce more milk. One should also remember that her body can take days or even weeks so as to catch up regardless of how much you increase the breast milk. The following is how you can boost your breastfeeding.

Nurse more frequently

You are supposed to increase the number of times you breastfeed your child even if you are not producing adequate milk. This is because milk production is mostly based on the supply and the demand. Therefore, the more frequent you breastfeed, the more milk will be produced by your breasts. You should always aim to nurse your infant for 8 to 12 times per day. Remember to nurse your baby on both sides so as to stimulate both breasts. It is also advisable to feed your infant according to the hunger signs he has instead of following a schedule.

Drain your breasts fully at every feeding

Empty breasts usually produce milk quickly while full breasts produce milk slowly. Therefore, you should allow your infant to nurse on one side for as long as he wants before switching to the other side. Allow your baby to nurse for about 20 to 45 minutes to make sure that he has consumed enough milk. If you note that the baby is nursing lazily or falling asleep, encourage him to feed more by switching him onto the other breast. You can nurse him for two times on each side. The doctors say that breastfeeding your baby on only one breast may result to less production of milk.

Pump after nursing

Once you are through with breastfeeding, you should pump the breasts especially if the baby is unable to drain your breasts fully. You can use high quality pump to do this and set the suction to maximum so as to pump both breasts for about 5 to 10 minutes. This should be done after every feeding. The most preferably pump you should purchase is the double pump. Pumping works best especially if you have trouble in increasing the milk supply since it helps in boosting the milk production.

Ensure you have good health

If you fail to eat adequate food or get enough sleep, the milk production maybe low and this may affect your baby. You can consult your doctor on how you can keep up on the milk supply during the lactation period. You should do this mostly if you are restricting the calories meant to lose weight. This will enable you to extend the nursing sessions. Nursing for a long time can lead to positive impact for the milk supply.

Use herbs

Use of herbs can greatly increase the milk production, but ensure you follow the doctor’s prescription. According to the website of breastfeeding basics, the fenugreek, blessed thistle and red raspberry can increase the milk supply. Ensure to always consult your doctor since women suffering from certain allergies and health problems may suffer other problems if they use certain herbs.

You can also provide a breast at times when your baby will drink milk from a bottle. This can meet the baby’s needs for hunger if you are not around. It will also assist in milk production. However, you should avoid pacifiers and limit this method so as to encourage the baby to suck more.

Lastly, you can take 14 500-mg of fenugreek capsule each day. As time goes by, slowly increase the number of the capsules you are taking till your sweat and urine start smelling like a maple syrup. Within 24 to 72 hours, you will detect a boost in milk supply. However, at sometimes it may take up to even 2 weeks for these capsules to produce an effect.

In conclusion, the above are some of the great tips that you should always use if you are willing to boost your milk production. You can just try them and surely they will work out fine for you.


Medical Innovations in Cosmetic Surgery in 2014

It is 2014 and we are expecting a lot of advancements particularly in plastic surgery procedures. No doubt, women want to look prettier and prettier every passing year, and 2014 is not an exception. Last year, we saw an increase in the number of procedures and products. And when it comes to the reason why most people opt for cosmetic surgery, it is quite simple; they want to be more marketable in their work places.

Simply put, the operation room saw some improvements in 2013 and the best part? Well, the advancement in technology has made it possible for students to see procedures as they happen. So, what are the medical innovations in cosmetic surgery in 2014?

Here is a list:

1. Development with fat

In recent years, non-invasive contouring methods such as Vanquish and CoolSculpting have been used extensively. These non-surgical alternatives enable patients to slim areas of stubborn fat deposits without going through the knife and usually take the shortest time possible to recover. Fat grafting has become increasingly popular because it moves unwanted fat from other areas of the body and takes them to desired parts. For instance, breast enhancement takes unwanted fat from the thighs or abdomen to the breasts.

For more information on Liposuction and Vanquish visit the Atlanta Lipo website

2. Non-surgical face treatment

Is treatment without surgery possible? Well, thanks to the advancement in technology. It is actually possible! Last year for instance, more than six million botulinum toxin injections were performed successfully. The doctors who performed this treatment advised people to keep an eye for more inventions to come, and guess what? Today, non-surgical face treatment is actually possible.

3. Non-Operating Techniques

Due to short-scar incisions, surgical recovery periods are becoming shorter and easier. In 2014, there have been more innovative uses of technology which has resulted in improved medical care.

4. Pain and recovery management

The operations room and recovery management have seen some great improvements in the year 2014. For instance, the innovations of products such as Xarelto and Exparel will not go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, this is an indication that greater things are on the way. Xarelto works by preventing blood clot after surgery while Exparel is a local anesthetic used for postoperative pain.Every year new medical innovations are discovered in cosmetic surgery. Technology keeps on improving each and every day and thus what was new some years back could be irrelevant now. In 2013, we were promised that there will be improvements come 2014 and that has exactly been the case. Developments with fat, non-surgical face treatment, pain and recovery management are just some few improvements achieved in the year 2014.’,’Medical Innovations in Cosmetic Surgery in 2014


Differences Between Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

The field of cosmetic improvement is growing really fast and bringing new technological breakthroughs including cosmetic and plastic surgery. Even though many people tend to think that these two procedures are same, they are not. It is therefore important to know the differences between them especially if you are expecting to undergo any of them.

Cosmetic surgery usually focuses on enhancing the appearance of a person through surgical as well as medical techniques. The most common cosmetic procedures that people undergo include tummy tucks, breasts lifts, liposuction, face lifts, chemicals and also procedures that include appearance enhancing implants such as buttock and breast augmentation. Amongst men, the popular augmentation procedure is pectoral implant. It enhances the appearance of chest muscles.

Cosmetic surgery also includes other less invasive procedures such as injection of collagen in the lips and Botox injections in the facial tissue. It also includes laser treatments that are meant to improve the appearance of the skin and also reduce telltale signs of aging. All these are outpatient procedures that require a very short recovery period. They are practiced by doctors from various fields including general surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and gynecologists among others.

Plastic surgery on the other hand is an invasive surgical procedure that is usually dedicated to repairing defects of form and/or function. It encompasses many reconstructive procedures such as skin grafts for burn victims. Nose jobs can be considered both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. If a patient is receiving the nose job because of poor functionality, for instance breathing problems, the procedure will be termed reconstructive. But if a person decides to get a nose job for the purpose of enhancing their facial appearance, it will be a cosmetic procedure. Plastic surgery could also include facial construction and breast reduction procedures for instance after a traumatic accident.

Before you undergo a cosmetic procedure, it is very important that you first of all talk to your physician about all possible options. Make sure that you take your time to go through the procedures that you are interested in since some of them may completely alter the way you look. It is also important to remember that the cosmetic procedures may not be able to cure deep-rooted self-esteem as well as confidence problems if that is what is driving you to go for the surgery. Make sure that you discuss with the doctor the surgical alternatives as well as suggestions that could be very helpful before you undergo the procedure.


The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

Whether you want to accept it or not, life is competitive. Both women and men who appear younger & more attractive aren’t only more likely to get the date; they also have more chances of getting the job. In accordance with the statistics revealed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of procedures (both surgical and non surgical) that are being done on men has been increasing gradually in the recent years. Below are the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men.


This surgical procedure which involves taking out fat from one’s body is growing to be more popular among men. In the year of 2009, 11% of patients that received this kind of surgery were men. Even though the procedure isn’t aimed at treating obesity, it can positively affect the shape of one’s body permanently.


Botox’s popularity among men has increased over the years, with about 337,000 men undergoing the surgery in 2009 alone. This plastic surgery procedure gets rid of the signs of wrinkles and creases which develop on one’s face due to aging. Furthermore, its appeal is boosted by its low invasiveness. What the doctors do is to inject Botox into the patient’s skin so as to paralyze their muscles which would otherwise contract to make the wrinkles obvious. Even though the existing creases aren’t always completely eliminated by the Botox, they are made far more unnoticeable.

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

The eyelids, especially the upper ones, are more likely to show signs of aging than any other part of the face. Surgeons can get rid of fatty deposits, lighten dark circles beneath the eyes, and also fix drooping eyelids by getting rid of excess skin, getting rid of and repositioning fat, and removing parts of muscle.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job or Nose Reshaping)

In the year of 2009, it was estimated that about 26% of rhinoplasty surgeries that were performed in the US were done on men. This plastic surgery procedure can deal with several nose deformities. Examples of such deformities include: bulbous tip, crookedness, flaring nostrils, excessive width or length and beaked nose. Even though shaping the men’s thicker skin can be harder than when it is for women, professional and experienced surgeons often give the male patients their desired results successfully.

Breast Reduction or Gynecomastia

This is also one of the popular plastic surgery procedures undergone by men. It involves the removal of fat, glands, or both so as to get rid of the signs of gynecomastia. Since it’s an outpatient procedure, men do not have to have any worries regarding the inconvenience of impatient-surgery.

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