What Causes of Aging of the Face and How can You Reduce It?

So, you just noticed your first wrinkle? You must be worried that you’re getting old and soon wrinkles will be all over your face. Perhaps you’ve already tried some few tips that unfortunately never worked, and you’re on the brink of giving up. Wait, don’t give up yet. It’s never too late to prevent aging of the face. Although it’s practically impossible to prevent aging of the face totally, it’s possible to reduce the rate at which a face ages. Here are some causes of aging and great tips that will see you reduce aging:


1. Smoking

So, you only know smoking as harmful to the lungs? Well, if this is the case, there’s a lot that you need to know as far as smoking is concerned. Whether it’s from your own smoke or another person’s, cigarette smoke exposure will increase dryness and wrinkling of the skin. This is mainly because smoking uses up vitamin C in your body, which is a necessity as far as having a young-looking skin is concerned.

TIP: Avoid smoking.

2. Exposure to the sun

In addition to causing wrinkling, too much sun exposure causes premature aging, and the worst part? It can even lead to skin cancer! Often, too much exposure to the sun’s rays is associated with brown sunspots (a characteristic of aging).



  • · Always wear sunscreen when it’s too hot.
  • · Minimize the exposure to the sun especially during its strongest hours.
  • · Wear sunglasses and a brimmed hat when you’re out in the sun for a long period of time.

3. Poor diet

Many people rarely associate poor diet with facial aging. Well, to be honest, it’s not their fault since it is not easy to establish the relationship between the two. Look at it from this perspective; without food, your body will not have the fuel and thus it will not have nutrients that are necessary for it to function properly. It’s the lack of nutrients that will make your skin dry and thus age faster.


  • · Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits- This will see you get a lot of antioxidants, which play a crucial role in the protection of your skin and the general health.

4. Lack of enough exercises

You must have heard or read somewhere that exercises are important. Without exercises, your body is in a vulnerable state, and those who know the power that exercises have can attest to this. But, how do exercises have a hand in the reduction of aging? Well, they tone muscles and promote blood flow! This will greatly reduce wrinkles.

TIP: Do a lot of exercises.

5. Too much stress

Not only will stress make you vulnerable to illnesses such as stomach ulcers, but it will also make your face to age faster. If you’ve ever been through an extremely difficult situation, then you know that stress manifests itself all over your body and particularly on your face. This is why people will always know that you’re stressed. Studies have it that new wrinkles, dull skin and dark circles beneath your eyes contribute to faster aging of your face.


  • · Manage you stress
  • · Get enough sleep to retain a youthful face.

6. Exposure to cold

No matter how much you try to hide it, exposure to cold will manifests itself in your face. Extremely cold temperatures can suck the moisture from your face, making it dry. Do you have irritated patches in your face? If you do, you need to reduce your exposure to cold because they are as a result of exposure to extremely cold temperatures.


  • · When you’re outside, always wear a scarf
  • · Invest in a facial moisturizer.

7. Excess alcohol

For long, alcohol has been associated with liver cirrhosis but not premature aging of the face. It’s high time that people get the facts right. Too much alcohol can cause premature aging of the face. And how does it happen? Well, it damages the blood vessels, making you to appear flushed. In case you don’t know what constitutes heavy drinking, read on. For women, more than one drink a day amounts to heavy drinking. For men, they should not exceed two drinks a day.

TIP: Minimize the consumption of alcohol.

There is no doubt that a face is a crucial part of your body. Just by looking at one’s face you can tell whether they’re tired or energetic, sad or happy, young or old. If the tips above do not appear to help you, you may need to undergo surgery. Ensure to settle for a good surgeon if you opt for surgery.

Do You Need Cosmetic Surgery?

The problems of cosmetic surgery patients

There are times when you believe that if you look better and if you can make all your skin problems disappear, you would have a better shot at opportunities in life. You may be able to attract the person that you have been eyeing for such a long time, or you can close more deals in a day. It is a perfectly normal notion – after all, there is a small percentage in the entire population that is truly perfectly alright with the appearance that their genes gave them. The rest of the world have complaints about how they look.


( images courtesy of St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center – Dr. Thomas Wright)

Is Going Under the Knife the Right Solution

If you are looking for a way to “fix” the way you look and build your self-confidence at the same time, you might consider cosmetic surgery, a procedure that is designed to alter and improve one’s physical appearance through an operation. Thanks to advancements in technology, more procedures are becoming non-invasive and more affordable. When you look at this practice, you would see that the intention of cosmetic surgery is to help you with your perception of yourself and improve the way your body looks and performs through the help of science.

However, it is very important that you take into very serious consideration all the things that you want to get out of cosmetic surgery. You need to do this not just because of the amount of money you need to shell out, but also because cosmetic surgery might not provide you with whatever it is that you are looking for. At the same time, it pays to be realistic about the results – even if you do see in movies that plastic surgery makes people look like somebody else, it can be very costly or impossible for you to look like your favorite actress. You may change your appearance for the better, but your perspective counts the most. Remember that beauty is subjective, and you cannot always get the ideal physique that you want out of this procedure. Your genes would still tell a lot about what you are going to look like even after a plastic surgery.

If you are planning to get plastic surgery, it would always be best to consult your prospective surgeon about your goals. They would be able to help you discover the best way through which you can improve your image. They will also be able to tell you if you are indeed a great candidate for surgery.

Plastic Surgery Trivias

The trends for cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic procedures around the world differ. In some places, plastic surgery may be considered a taboo whereas in some, it can be as common as a graduation gift among teenagers. Here are some interesting plastic surgery trivias from around the world.

Plastic surgery is not a new phenomenon. The earliest recorded “plastic” surgery procedure was a crude resemblance of a nose job. The procedure was recorded in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts that date back as early as 600 BC. By 1st BC, plastic surgery was popular in ancient Rome. The ancient physician Cornelius Celsus recorded procedures of nose, lip, ear and cheek repair and reconstruction. Procedures to reverse gynecomastia or enlarged breast in men and to reverse circumcision were also recorded in ancient Rome. Roman soldiers also availed of cosmetic surgery to remove or repair their scars that people often associate to slavery.

Cosmetic surgery did not escape the Middle Age’s fear of magic. During the Dark Ages, plastic surgery was deemed as evil because it was viewed as a form of magic. People also regarded the surgeon’s power or control over the patient’s body as unholy.

During the Renaissance, plastic surgery regained fame. It was so famous that surgeons and physicians take skin grafts from pigs, thinking it would match well with human skin. Many plastic surgery procedures were done in barber shops.

Despite the popularity of plastic surgeries in South Korea, the US still tops the number of cosmetic procedures done on men and women annually (3.3 million), followed by Brazil (2.4 million) and China (2.2 million). All over the world, there are about 17 million plastic surgeries that take place yearly, as of 2013.

The late celebrity Joan Rivers has undergone 739 plastic surgery procedures. And some surgeons have done over 3000 cosmetic surgical procedures like Dr. Joffrey for example.

Men can be sometimes just as vain as women. The most popular cosmetic surgery among men is rhinoplasty followed by eyelid reconstruction and surprisingly, breast reduction only comes at third. Women still however outnumber men when it comes to plastic surgery by a mere 10%.

There is a bill in the US signed by Bill Clinton that requires insurance companies to cover the cost of breast reconstruction procedures for women who have undergone mastectomy.

South Korean plastic surgery clinics have “bone reduction” procedure that aims to reconstruct that shape of bones in order for them to look more womanly or petite. It also includes fixing the curve of the lower leg bones and the shape of the cheekbones and jaw.

Cosmetic Surgery Has Led To Passport Confusions

South Korea has been known to be among the top countries with great innovations in cosmetic surgery. This has made many women travel from neighboring countries such as China to the country in order to undergo the cosmetic surgeries. There are many types of plastic surgeries performed some of which have led to the total transformation of the women. Because for one to travel in and out of the country she has to produce a passport, the incidences of the plastic surgery have lead to great confusions when trying to identify the passport holders. Most women who travel to South Korea for them to have different transformations end up transforming into different people when they are compared to the photos on their passports.

Some of the common procedures that the Seoul women who range from the ages of 19 to 49 undergo include procedures such as double eye lid surgery and Botox injections. From Central European news it is recorded that over 20 percent of the Seoul women who have ever traveled to South Korea to have the surgery have been faced with a case where they are unable to be identified in relation to the passport photos that they possess. This is because the transformation that they underwent during the cosmetic surgery was able to transform them completely in their appearances.

But one of the controversial procedures that has led to conflicts is breast augmentation. In some countries women have claimed that the customs officers and boder control have abused of their authority to touch women in their breasts and other private areas. The authorities of Las Vegas have mentioned that it is part of their jobs to do a quick physical examination because they have had cases where some women with fake breasts have smuggled drugs. To avoid any suspicion and any potential drug trafficking women are being searched in their breast area.

In order to avoid confusion the Chinese women are asked to carry their original passport numbers, the certificate that indicated that they really underwent the cosmetic surgery and the hospital in which they were able to access the services from. Some women have even been seen walking through the customs at the airports with the stitches still intact on their bodies. A procedure such as full jaw renovation can easily lead to the total change of a woman’s appearance hence making it a great concern while trying to identify her at the border airports.

The influx of women from china to South Korea for them to access the procedure of plastic surgery is due to their lack of trust in the services offered in china. For instance, a case such as the death of Wang Bei who was a pop star in 2010 lead to many people losing trust in the qualification of doctors in China. Not only do people flock sought Korea from China for plastic surgery procedures. They also go to western counties where they can access quality and affordable cosmetic surgery services.

Liposuction for men – Hi Definition to show off abs

Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat through a process of suction. Although it is not a substitute for weight loss. It is socially conceived that liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries are exclusively for women. Over the last years men seek increasingly to enhance their figures and their appearance either because of health related reasons, self-esteem issues or simply to feel better about themselves.

hd-01 hd-03 hd-05

(male hi-definition liposuction pictures taken from  Omahacosmeticsurgery.com)

Liposuction areas chosen by men

Men and women may have some differences when comparing body types (physique) and in more detail the areas of the body where fat is more concentrated. For example, men tend to accumulate more fat in the abdominal area, and women suffer more problems with their hips and thighs.

Men tend to do liposuction under the Chin and around the waist, or a reduction of enlarged breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia. In males, the flanks are the areas treated with greater frequency.


popular cosmetic surgeries / men


Liposuction of Abdomen

As we mentioned previously, one of the areas where male concentrate more fat is in the abdomen and as such it the area that liposuction surgeons target the most in their male patients. This intervention seeks to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat (rolls, tires or just flab), since it is hard for most men to reduce their abdominal fat with just exercise and diets combined, some opt for the quick way out, namely liposuction.

Breast liposculpture or gynecomastia

Another of the most frequent male liposuction is Gynecomastia, which is simply the accumulation of excess fat tissue below the nipple area around the breasts. This is also popular known as man boobs. This problem has to be very well studied for the doctor since that must check the glandular areas and fat removed, since the nipples are often asymmetric, and aesthetically it might not end up looking acceptable; the operation is simple, and consists of very diminute incisions and the after work with small cannulas in the areas to be treated. The patients can go back to their normal activities in less than 1 week. To hit the gym, men will have to wait for at least 6 weeks, since strenuous activities on the chest might complicate the recovery and the tissue healing and reattachment process with the muscles.